best penny stock broker small capitalization is one type of stock that is less well known by investors. Because of its name, this type of share shares ‘insignificant’ profits for investors, especially when compared to large market capitalization.

Even so, that doesn’t mean you have to forget about small capitalization stocks in stock investments. Conversely, by controlling a small-value stock, you can look for loopholes in investment as well as improve your quality in the eyes of other investors.

Then what exactly are stocks with small market capitalization and their returns on stock investments?


This stock has a small market capitalization. It can also be said that shares are traded freely and have a ‘small’ capitalization alias located at the bottom of Rp1 trillion. The term capitalization itself refers to the value of the capitalization of the industry that owns these shares.

How to Calculate Market Capitalization Method

Whether it is small capitalization shares or large capitalization shares, the value of capitalization is determined by the value of shares with the number of shares distributed. So for example, industry A has shares at a price of Rp100 per share and there are close to 2 million shares scattered, so that the capitalization is Rp200 million or is still a type of small value shares.

Different from Penny Stocks

Means to distinguish between small capitalization stocks with penny stocks or fried shares. The majority of small value shares are fried foods. The value of small-value shares can be above US $ 5 outside the country. Like a bonus, small-value shares distribute greater liquidity when compared to fried shares.

Benefits of Small Capitalization Investment

Every investor can easily increase small value shares to their portfolio. However, as with other types of investments, there are many advantages and disadvantages to investing in small-value stocks.

Growth Ability

In contrast to large industries, small or startup industries put the ability for greater development. Some small capitalization industries, enjoy greater space for future development than established large industries.

Might Be Effective in the Market

Data about small-value stocks is more difficult to obtain when compared with medium and large value. Analysts generally want to distribute less attention to the type of small value shares, so there may be prices that are not suitable for small value stocks.

This creates an atmosphere for investors to take advantage of volatile stock market prices

Financial Institutions Don’t Want to Raise Prices

Financial institutions, listed mutual funds, want to explore certain regulations that do not allow heavy investments in small-value shares. That way, prices do not want to go up significantly.

Looking at some of the facts and interpretations above, are you interested in investing in small-value stocks?

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